One dead body, one ace of spades. Is the playing card an oversight, or is it a trademark?

Detective John O’Sullivan needs to find out if the murder was a one-off, or if the killer plans to work his way through a whole deck of cards. The plot thickens as his team from An Garda Síochána discovers more unsolved murders with the same modus operandi—all over the world.

Amber Reed stumbles into the middle of this mess after learning her teenage daughter is a key-player in the Dublin murder case. Determined to do the right thing, the two offer to help John, even though that puts their own lives in danger.

Pressed by time and duty, John has to protect them and crack the case before more bodies pile up on his watch.

Obsession is a dangerous thing, especially if you’re the target…

Detective Evan Gallagher has exchanged his job as an FBI agent for a position within Ireland’s police force. An Garda Síochána rarely deals with serious crime, and Evan thinks Dublin would be a quiet place to start over—but he’s proven wrong.

Psychologist Chelsea Campbell never thought that volunteering as profiler for the Garda would change her life so drastically—until Detective Gallagher calls her to a murder scene in the middle of the night.

Is this a one-time impulse, or is the killer’s agenda only starting? As hard as Chelsea and Evan struggle to solve the case, neither of them expects a second dead body so soon. Working against the clock, they have to win this cat-and-mouse game before the killer claims the next intended victim—which happens to be one of them.

What’s the worst that can happen when you have too many enemies?

A politician’s murder is always big news. But Detective Aidan Connor isn’t sure if landing this high-profile case is a blessing or a curse. It turns out the late senator was not as well-liked as everyone claims, and as the investigation advances the problem isn’t that Aidan has no suspects—he has too many.

Pressured to close the case quickly, Aidan partners up with Detective Jenna Darcy, the Garda’s finest cybercrime expert. As they start digging into the politician’s life, the secrets they uncover go from dirty to shockingly disturbing. Aidan and Jenna start wondering if the killer is the true villain in this story.

As veteran cops standing for justice no matter what, neither of them ever had compassion for vigilantes—until now. The closer they get to the truth, the more people try to prevent them from exposing it. And they’ll stop at nothing.

Each book from The Irish Garda Files series can be read as a stand-alone novel and does not contain cliffhangers.

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