DEAR SANTA: 18 stories for less than a buck! 📚💸

Hello on this beautiful October day!

I hope the weather is nice wherever you are. After two weeks of rain and wind, I get to see the sun today! It’s almost like it knows we’re celebrating something. 😊

Today is the launch of our box set, DEAR SANTA: A Christmas Wish. This box set is special in many ways, both for us at The Authors’ Billboard, and for our readers as well. We held a contest, picked eighteen winners, and each author in this box set wrote a story for their winner, hence fulfilling their Christmas wishes.

My story is called Saving Maddie, and it’s about an Irish detective who saves several children forced to beg on the streets. Last year I began a brand new series, The Irish Garda Files, a collection of mystery thrillers about detectives from An Garda Síochána, Ireland’s police force.

When given the wonderful opportunity to write a story for this box set, I immediately wanted to give people a glimpse into my new series. Saving Maddie features Detective Finola McGregor, a young, idealistic policewoman who becomes part of the team in charge with saving three children from human trafficking.

I decided to tackle this sensitive subject, and write an Oliver Twist kind of story where the protagonist is a young girl whose biggest wish is to have a loving family. Saving Maddie is a heartwarming and heart wrenching story, which teaches us that miracles truly exist, as do people willing to risk their lives for others. It’s a story about human nature, hope and courage. Most of all, it’s a tale of love and healing, as are many of the stories in this box set, which already is a #1 bestseller on its release day:

As I mentioned in a previous newsletter, we are trying to land a spot on the USA Today bestsellers list with our box set, Dear Santa—that’s our Christmas wish. This means that every sale matters. If you haven’t bought our collection of eighteen stories for only 99 cents, please consider doing so and supporting us in our dream. We know that times are hard for everyone, but if you can spare a few pennies to help us out, Santa will make sure you’ll be rewarded. We encourage you to buy from AppleKoboBarnes&Noble and Google Play if you can, because those sales are more difficult to get.

I also invite all of you to join us at The Authors’ Billboard Facebook Party tomorrow for fun, prizes and giveaways. I’m proud to say I have been appointed to start the party at 3 pm EST, so come on and join us! 

Many thanks for your support, whatever form it takes. Whether you can buy the set, share this post to help us spread the word, or simply follow us in our journey.

Stay safe and stay healthy. Better times will come for all of us!


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